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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Sugar free Sweets from Greece

We have added a new range of sugar free sweets that come from Greece.

The taste has a distinctly original twist with hints of Mediterranean flavours.  They are quite sweet compared with some of the English sweets but the unusual flavours mean that they do not have a cloying sweetness. 

They are packed n neat little pocket sized packs which are designed  so that they "click" shut and won't open accidentally in your packet or bag.  I used to think that this was just a gimmick until the other evening I was enjoying a show in my local theatre and I realized that the person sitting next to me was struggling to suppress one of those ticklish coughs.  As other members of the audience started to look disapprovingly at him, I remembered the little pack of sweets on my bag, got it out and offered it to him - "try one of these" I whispered.  Result, a cough free theatre-goer and everyone could relax and enjoy the show!   But the rustling noise of opening a conventional bag of sweets would probably have attracted as many disapproving looks as a bout of coughing.  Silence is golden!


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