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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

What's in a name?.

I've just been adding our new whisky & ginger sugar free sweets to the Sweetswithout website.  It made me realise just how evocative the name of a sweet can be.    As soon as I saw the words "Whisky & Ginger" I imagined myself sitting by a real log fire sipping my favourite tipple.(or should it be dram)

Clear peppermints still take me back to childhood when I kept seeing an advertising campaign for another well known brand. 

Sometimes the look of a sweet helps to convey an image more strongly.  I can't help thinking  of an ice cream parlour when i look at my new sugar free banoffee sweets which have bright colours and an irresistible sparkle and of course the name "banoffee" can;t help but make me think of a scrumptious sweet dessert! 

Not all sugar free sweet names conjure up an image or memory. 

Why not let us know what sweet names conjure up an image for you?. 



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