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Monarch Update

Sugar Free Vegan sweets

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Boiled sweets

Any vegan who likes boiled sweets is lucky because most of them do conform to vegan rules.  However if they contain butterscotch there is likely to be some dairy content.  

You are probably aware that there can be colours or flavours used that may be of animal origin.  The most well known of these is probably the red colour cochineal.  Some of these additives are usually known by their E number and it can be difficult to ascertain whether they are animal derived or not.  (see earlier blog about  E numbers)  


 Dark chocolate is normally vegan.  However flavoured chocolate should be regarded with caution and the ingredient list studied carefully .

Chocolate centred sugarfree sweets are popular but most are not suitable for vegans as the chocolate filling often contains milk. 

 Chews and Jellies

Vegans need to be very wary if they want chewy sweets or toffees.  Most of these sweets will not be vegan.  Frequently they have gelatine in them to get the right texture and also they may have a surface glaze made with bees-wax.  

However in spite of its texture  our sugarfree Turkish delight is vegan

We now stock Free from Fellows range of  Gummy sweets which are Vegan

Why no list?

Unfortunately few manufacturers actually describe their sugarfree sweets as specifically vegan.   I know that vegans take avoiding animal derived products very seriously.  I would hate to miss an ingredient or not recognise that an ingredient could be of animal origin.  I have offered some general advice here based on the manufacturer's labelling.

For more comprehensive information please check the vegan society  



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