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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Why are my favourite sugar free sweets out of stock?

We always try and keep many sugar free sweets and candy in stock.  I know it can be frustrating to be look forward to your favourite sugar free candy only to find that it is out of stock.  It's just as frustrating for us as we really want to please all our customers.

There are lots of reasons why this happens.  Sometimes there is a sudden run on a particular sweet and all our stock of that sweet is sold, so it is out of stock until we can re-order.  Unfortunate we can't always get the replacements.  

It's out of stock at the distributor!

When we place an order with our wholesaler we may find that they do not have any stock.  Sometimes this can be for quite a long period of time. The popular Cavalier fruit bars have been on back order since May (2016) and are still not in stock now (July 2016). Also I won't buy short dated packets so sometimes I will reject what's in stock.

The manufacturer is making it now!

 We buy some sweets direct from the manufacturer and they may only make it when we order. It can take up to 3 weeks as they have to plan their production schedules. So when we get the sweets they will be freshly made.  

They are not making it anymore!

The most annoying thing is when the wholesaler or manufacturer discontinues a popular line.  This may be because a particular ingredient has become unavailable or too expensive, but all too often it's that maddening retail explanation "there's no demand for it!"








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