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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

A sugar free trade show

At Sweets Without we are always looking for new sugar free or no added sugar products.

Once a year there is a trade show for chocolate at Kensington Olympia. We go to search for new  products for you to enjoy.

It gives us a chance to ask existing suppliers to expand their range.  For instance Cavalier do a large praline bar currently not available through UK wholesalers but I am sure it would be popular here.

 One new supplier has some beautifully packaged mints.

A Danish sweets maker had a range of beautifully designed rock sweets unfortunately they are priced in euros so are too expensive for my market.

For me, the Holy Grail of sugar free confectionery would be a milk chocolate that is not just sugar free but doesn't contain sweeteners either and I found one that tasted fantastic, even better than a similar bar from  Hotel du Chocolate.  Also for the first time I tasted a 100% chocolate bar and thought "Wow, I love to eat this" !   Now all I need to do is to see if it makes sense for me to stock it.

 Believe it or not,  it is quite difficult to taste so many different chocolate bars in a short space of time.   It confirmed to me that compared to normal chocolate the range of no added sugar chocolate is still limited. But I believe that at Sweetswithout.we have one of the best ranges available. 




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