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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

How I fell in love with Fisherman's Friends

I am always on the look out for new sugar free sweets.   On television recently there was a food program (inevitably starring Greg Wallace!) that featured the sweet manufacturing industry.

It looked at three factories, their processes and the history behind them.  One was a major traditional sweet manufacturer, another a craft rock maker and the third was the factory which made Fisherman's Friends.

I knew that Fisherman's Friends were first made in 1865 and was fascinated to learn how the product had developed from a simple lozenge for fishermen to a wide range selling to a world market.  I was amazed to see how modern the factory was, with standards of cleanness right up there with the pharmaceutical industry.  

This got me thinking  "Did they do any sugar free sweets?"   As it happens most of their range is sugar free and one of my suppliers carries them.  So now we are proud to stock Blackcurrant Fisherman's Friends .  This lozenge blends the traditional menthol taste with a real blackcurrant flavour.  I can see these being really popular now that Autumn is here and Winter approaches.  I will certainly keep a packet handy and they will definitely cheer me up if I get a cold.

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