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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Sugar free sweets - does size matter?

Sweets, whether they are sugarfree or not,  come in all shapes and sizes, from sticks of rock that have been broken up to small mints like Uncle Joe's and big cushion-shaped humbugs.

The picture below show the range of size sugar free sweets come in.

Sugar free sweets in size

Ultra Small

We had some cinnamon mints that tasted really nice. (I love the flavour of cinnamon)  They were so tiny that they were gone almost as soon as you put them in your mouth.  .  I'm sorry to say they reminded me of school when people had a polo mint to cover up their smoking so I decided they were just too small! 

Small Sweeties

These are often mints and used for refreshing one's breath. But now Sula and Ricola make a more interesting range of small sweets that come in handy pocket sized boxes. 

 Randomly shaped and sized sweets.

Attractive sweets can be made by cutting cylinders of hard candy like seaside rock into sections. These sweets will usually have the word rock in their name.   A packet of rock sweets will contain a varied selection of sizes.  It is fun to select a piece that suits what you fancy at the time!   I tend to go for mid sized pieces.

Large sweets

Some sweets are quite large and sometimes they may feel a bit uncomfortable until you get used to them.  They do last a long time in your mouth, steadily getting smaller and giving you plenty of flavour but you won't get as many in a packet so they are not so good for sharing.

It's reassuring that some things remain as large and colourful as they were in the past. 


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